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Translation? My computer deals with that.

However, if you want a text that is not only factually correct but also reads fluently, come to AZ Sprachdienst – we will look after your translation from beginning to end. We have been offering our technical translation service for ten years now, including handbooks and instruction manuals for machines of all kinds, as well as software documentation. We also carry out localisation of software and websites (the adaptation of content to local conventions). In addition to technical documents, we also translate business texts, terms and conditions and marketing texts. Sometimes this involves redrafting creative texts, or translating them very freely, in a process known as transcreation. It is particularly important to us that the target text reads like an original, so that the reader (your customer) does not realise he is reading a translation at all.

Translation by AZ Sprachdienst: personal, flexible and professional

Our translators – hailing from Germany, the rest of Europe and overseas – cover all European languages as well as Arabic and Hebrew, and every translation we complete is reviewed by another native speaker. All our translators hold a Masters or comparable foreign degree, and are members of their national translators' association, as well as having several years of work experience within their specialist area. We use all current translation software and process many file formats, from Word to HTML, to DTP formats. To this end we convert the original file into a translation-compatible format, translate it, and finally you receive the finished file in the same format as the original. We also deal with printed materials such as books and brochures, for an additional fee.

Contact us for your translation

Simply send us an enquiry, giving the number of words, the desired deadline, the language pairs and directions, the file format and whether a second review is necessary or not, and we will send you an offer.

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