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Interpreting could be described as "oral translation".

It is needed wherever people who do not speak a common language want or need to communicate with each other. This could be in supranational organisations such as the EU and the UN, for business negotiations, or in courtrooms. Interpreting is differentiated not only by the various language combinations and directions and by a wide range of specialist areas, but also by whether it is simultaneous (interpreting while the source-language speaker is speaking) or consecutive (interpreting while the speaker pauses). So, at AZ Sprachdienst you will find conference interpreters, court interpreters and negotiation interpreters, working from and into all European languages as well as Hebrew and Arabic (unusual combinations may be available on enquiry). The same goes for our interpreters as for our translators: they are all accredited and hold master’s degrees in interpreting. Additionally, all our court interpreters are officially recognised in accordance with the laws of the country in which they operate.

An interpreter usually has to appear in person, but telephone interpreting has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. This saves paying extra for travel expenses.

Do you need an interpreter? Then give us a ring! das Kontaktformular aus, dann verbinden wir Sie mit dem Dolmetscher Ihrer Wahl oder schicken ihn an den gewünschten Ort.

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